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Based on the time it took to get a decision it would’ve been longer if I didn’t follow up, the numerous call transfers and hold times I endured, and me doing the legwork to get a contractor out to the property because no in network contractors were accessible, there is no way I will renew with 2 10 next February. Another factor in this decision, my wife has been physically ill due to the intense Southern California heat wave occurring at this time. The portable fans in our house are 100% ineffective. In the beginning, the experience with the technicians has been very good. They came out to my house about four times. But the same thing kept happening over and over and I kept doing the same thing over and over again.

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Only then did they make a poor attempt to troubleshoot and assess my issue further.

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Some home appliance warranty programs charge premium only, with no deductible.

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At first glance one would thing a home warranty is the way to go.

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High volume and low dollars does not make for a satisfactory business.